Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"


Bruce Willis, 49 years young, lumbers back in full action mode, his bristly Number One cut glistening with sweat, at one stage seen stripped to the waist - and all too obviously holding his stomach in.
He's the hotshot LA hostage negotiator, who's taken a demotion to smalltown cop after a hostage situation "went bad" on his watch, a scene which sadly is not concluded with the traditional overhead shot of Bruce cradling a dead child and crying "Nooooooo!!" to the heavens. But he does go pretty misty over the infant corpse.
Bent on penitentially exorcising demons in the normal manner, he is plying his trade in a squaresville cop uniform, and blow me if a similar hostage situation does not arise, giving Bruce a shot at redemption. Soon that uniform is replaced with some more action-oriented civvies. Some crazy youths have imprisoned a mafia accountant and his kids in their mansion and they want ... er, what exactly? And Bruce, whose own family get kidnapped by the Mob, offers them ... er, what was it again? This garbled movie has clearly been extensively recut and chopped, leaving loads of plot strands untied, and what appears to be a serious omission: namely, an ending that makes sense. Oh, Bruce.

bent on- uparty, zdeterminowany do
bristly- szczeciniasty, pokryty zarostem
chop- siękać, rąbać
demotion- degradacja
garble- przeinaczać, przekręcać
glisten- lśnić, błyszczeć
lumber back- ociężale wlec się z powrotem
omission- pominięcie, luka
overhead- napowietrzny, górny
penitentially- pokutniczo
ply- wykonywać, prowadzić, zaopatrywać
redemption- odkupienie, spłacenie
strand- osadzać na mieliźnie
stripped to the waist- rozebrany do pasa

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