Aphra Behn - The Libertine

A thousand martyrs I have made, 
  All sacrificed to my desire, 
A thousand beauties have betray'd 
  That languish in resistless fire: 
The untamed heart to hand I brought,         5
And fix'd the wild and wand'ring thought. 
I never vow'd nor sigh'd in vain, 
  But both, tho' false, were well received; 
The fair are pleased to give us pain, 
  And what they wish is soon believed:  10
And tho' I talk'd of wounds and smart, 
Love's pleasures only touch'd my heart. 
Alone the glory and the spoil 
  I always laughing bore away; 
The triumphs without pain or toil,  15
  Without the hell the heaven of joy; 
And while I thus at random rove 
Despise the fools that whine for love.

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