A terrible house

I know a house which have a weird name „Terrible house”. It has this name because incomprehensible things are going there. Yesterday I again visit this house and I am arrange you this story. Everything have grey and black colour, ragged veils , squeakly doors, webs . One ] in this house is very strangelry, because lots of cats live there, particularly one cat, bigger, very dangerous. People say „That cat’s a monster. before year lay a curse powerful wizard named Anert . Instead eldest cat it a witch, which lost a fight on dead and live with early exchange wizard Anert...” Reputedly in each last day of the month corpses with nearby cemetery and meet in this house.
Better don’t approach to the people goto this house, because person who you see maybe be a vampire, which waiting should drink your blood. You see this house is very terrible!

Monika Rutkowska

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