I want to tell you about my hobby of modelling. Here I describe how to make a good and realistic model. To make a model of for example a tank, in the scale of 1/35 you should have a monograph, of this type, because in it, you can read about original which you can see at museum or battlefield. In it you can read about painting, characteri-stic dirt of earth and rust and about damages, next you must have a glue, scalpel, polystyrene or nitrocellulose putty, soft brush or mini aerograph, paint and solvent and scissors.
Firstly, you will make and paint a chassis. In this work, you will be careful with wheels and you must remove all surpluses and patch crams. Then you can glue a hull and a turret with a gun. Secondly, you will patch all the holes and wash the model with a washing liquid or methylated spirit. Now, you can paint the whole model. The best tool for painting is aerograph. When you use it, the paint must be very thin. After work you MUST wash brush or aerograph. The last work is paint and glue details.
When you have more experience, you can do the "weathering" on your models. This work’s purpose is to imitate dirt, holes of bullets and smoke. For it there are three methods:
- a method of dry brush,
- a method of wet brush,
- a method of powdered pastel chalks

In the first method, you must put the brush into a paint, colour of dirt, dry it on a handkerchief and paint a model with the vertical motion.
The second method is the same like first, but after drying on handkerchief you put the brush into a solvent.
The third method is the easiest. In it you must powdered the pastel chalk and put it on a model by a brush or a match. The important thing in "weathering" is making mud on tracks. The best method to do it is put the putty on tracks and form it like a mud and paint it for a muddy colour.

Now I want to describe which firms produce good models. In the first place, I’ll tell you about firms which produce tanks in 1/35 scale. The best firms are Tamiya - Taiwan and USA firm (one of the most expensive), Italeri - Italian firm (cheap and very good). Academy - Korean firm (the same like Tamiya), Dragon - Japan firm (expensive and good).
Secondly, I will tell you about firms which produce planes in all scales (1/144,1/72,1/48,1/32). This firms are Revell, Academy, Airfix, Italeri and Tamiya. The last kind of plastic, military kits are tanks in 1/72 anl/76. The firms which produce it or used to produce, are Matchbox, Revell, airfix (now it is Heller).
When you are interested in model contests, your model must be most realistic, so you will buy elements like metal photo - etched plates (for example mudguards), details like ammo, weapons, figures of crew, metal wheels, tracks and gun, model of engine. I think, I aroused you in modelling.

Adam Hogendorf

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