Not long ago I have moved with my family from Gdańsk to Zakopane. Now I live in beautiful one-family home.
I am very glad, that we have moved right here, although at first I was bored, because non of my friends were here with me.
After five days in Zakopane I met Sarah. She told me the stories about the village, where I live.
My favorite story is about a abandoned house. That house can shill be found in the village. It is a very untidy. I wanted to see it very much. Sarah did not want to go with me, because as the superstition says – who enters the house will not come out of there olive. At lost she decided to go with me and show me, where it is. At ten p.m. we have reached the houses door. As the first I touched door – knob, which had fallen into pieces. With the door was the same. We had entered house. I frightened. On the floor were lying the bodies. Before as had showed a woman with a knife. She was going in our directions. I was afraid, that she can hurt as. At this moment I turned of a flashlight and later I turned on one. A light was falling on the woman. She was screaming. She started to shrink. Women fallen on the floor. We had run out of house.
This event I will always remember!

Magdalena Sikora

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