Personal Branding


Bruce Wenham


It's a beautiful, sunny morning. Filip's walking towards the gleaming Warsaw Trade Tower for a crucial job interview at a major international corporation new on the Polish market. Get this job and it's goodbye grey block of flats in Ochota and hello villa. Not to mention that private yacht. He's absolutely scared to death - what will his wife do to him if he blows it?

Filip didn't do his homework (God help him from his wife)- but it still isn't too late for you. Who cares if you've got that wonderful CV boosting Snickers market share. If you don't back it up at the interview with some cool personal branding you can kiss goodbye to that Hawaiian beach.

Want some tips? Sure you do. Well, first of all - don't walk into the room like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Adopt a good posture: stand up nice and straight like granny's cock back in the village. Give a firm handshake - and don't be a limp loser, wet fish or bone crusher. Practise that handshake on the boys back in the pub. Retain eye contact and smile!

Don't wear an ill fitting Mr Bean suit with creased shirt. Only wear coordinating ties and shirts.

Don't wear too many colours; you won't be taken seriously. Ensure your clothing language is communicating the correct message.

Don't wear shoes that look like they've been worn by Andrzej Lepper after a hard day's work on the field - they must be clean and polished.

Don't wear those trousers you've had for 10 years. Dated clothing suggests dated thought processes. Conduct regular wardrobe audits.

Don't  show too much naked skin - this isn't Baywatch.

Groom to perfection - but not like Ronaldo's haircut in Japan !

Don't wear heavy perfumes or after shave like you did on your first sweetheart date when you were 16.

Always wear a watch (but NOT a Baby G) as this reflects punctuality.

Only use quality accessories i.e. NOT BIC pen, school notebook, TESCO plastic bag



personal branding - image and appearance

clothing language - clothing and how we assemble it

wardrobe audits - check clothes: buy new and throw out old

groom - to smarten, clean, maintain

limp loser - somebody who shakes hands too weakly

wet fish - somebody with moist or clammy hands

bone crusher - somebody who shakes hands too firmly


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