Business English

Angielski w biznesie.

to make a martyr of oneself
to gate-crash
to live like a lord
the concrete jungle
to put a place on the map
to go down in history
a broken reed
to look like a stick insect
a toffee-nosed person (mildly derogatory)
to put out feelers
to get one's teeth into
a drop in the ocean
to have a whale of a time
to make a mountain out of a mole-hill
a think-tank
a Lycra lout
with flying colours
act as
to be on the same wavelength
the tip of the iceberg
to fall on hard times
to hit the hay
to fly the nest
to fly the nest
a cold fish
to be as busy as a bee
to get the feel of
a bitter pill to swallow
a nanny state
to be in the soup
to talk a load of codswallop
to do a Thatcher
lock, stock and barrel
to hit the nail on the head
in a class of one's own
to make light work of
money down the drain
the game is up
to down tools
not to get in a word edgeways
a storm in a tea-cup
in the nick of time
to make a bee-line for
a nose job
the feel-good
an agony aunt
love child
to go back to Civvy Street
to hinge on
to table a motion
to hit the bottle
Big Apple
to go bananas
not worth a fig
to hang up one's boots
the local rag
to pop the question
at first sight
to blow a raspberry
one's number is up
in the same boat
to drop someone a line
to write something off
a ticket tout
to shop around
a cold call
a head-hunter
to kill a story
to be on the dole
a mug's game
a mug's game
to bend over backwards
to kick oneself
to throw in the towel
to bend over backwards
to kick oneself
to throw in the towel
to throw somebody in at the deep end
to have a card up one's sleeve
a china-doll complexion
to face the music
to get the show on the road
to be in the limelight
a wild goose chase
to burn the midnight oil
to get the show on the road
to be in the limelight
an Aladdin's cave
to have a good cellar
a voice as smooth as syrup
to be cheesed off
to surf the net
the ship of the desert
lager louts
to be thick
movers and shakers
in mint condition
a sandwich course

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