Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension
Listening Comprehension

Niżej znajdziesz tekst, który był wykorzystany w części ustnej egzaminu maturalnego. Może także służyć jako wprawka w Reading Comprehension.

The meaning of dreams

We all have dreams and can often remember parts or images from them. Here is a guide to the meanings of the most common images that appear in dreams.
This is one of the most common dream images, typically showing insecurity and anxiety. It may relate to fears that a career or relationship is coming to an end. The fact that we are not usually hurt when we land represents a hope that things won't turn out too badly.
This common dream - which usually involves flying under our own arm or leg power (rather than with any kind of engine) seems to represent a wish to escape from the problems we are facing in everyday life. It may also represent a wish to achieve greater power.
The castle represents strength and power. If dreamers are inside, they are safe. If they are looking at it, they may desire that safety. The castle is also sometimes the symbol of a woman.
Death, particularly of someone close, points up mixed feelings of love and hostility. If dreamers see their own death, it may represent a desire to escape from pressure.
Anxiety drams are very common when something is worrying us. We are being put to the test. The mind remembers times in the past when we were nervous, and a common image is that of an exam for which we were badly prepared.
Fire is naturally associated with passion and love, and, not surprisingly, with the dangers that go with them. In many cases it shows that the dreamer is both attracted to and afraid of passion.
Running forwards and not getting anywhere or trying to walk through water or honey is a common image in dreams. It symbolises a conflict of feelings, particularly the desire to escape, yet at the same time, not to escape.
These represent obstacles and difficulties which dreamers feel they have to overcome. If the dreamers keep on climbing without getting anywhere, it could be that are chasing goals that they cannot hope to achieve.

Odpowiedz czy podane niżej zdania są prawdziwe czy fałszywe (true / false).

1. People are most likely to have dreams of falling when they have nearly finished a piece of work.
2. Dreams about flying like a bird or in an aeroplane have the same basic meaning.
3. Seeing a castle in a dream can symbolise that the dreamer feels strong and powerful.
4. If you dream that you are dead it may mean that you are under pressure.
5. People who dream about fire are afraid that a relationship is about to end.
6. Drams about being stuck can symbolise a fear of being sent to prison.
7. People who dream about exams and mountains probably feel under pressure to perform well.
8. Each of the symbols in dreams has one particular meaning.

1. F
2. F
3. F
4. T
5. F
6. F
7. T
8. F

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